Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby Time!

Don't worry, it's not baby time for me! But, my sisters are BOTH having boys!!! I am thinking this will make Stella very spoiled. She will be the favorite niece and granddaughter for a while! (At least on my side, I love the two I have on Skyler's side also.) It will be so fun to have more boys in the family.
Speaking of Stella, I got to babysit her for a couple days while my sister was on a vacation. This picture of her is from when she woke up at six in the morning... she was full of energy. Look at the devious little face. Hopefully her little brother will keep her entertained when she wakes up early so next time I can just watch her at a distance.
I must admit that watching Stella was some great birth control. It was fun, don't get me wrong, but I like sleep, order, and cleanliness. Stella seems to know the exact time that I'll take out her diaper and leave her unattended for 1.3 seconds. She takes that time to make her break for the toilet where she splashes around in her brand new church outfit I just put her in. Then, Grayson taught her his new-found favorite activity, which is pulling out all of my mom's DVD's and throwing them all over the office. A 378 DVD pick-up game is not so fun when you are the only one playing.
But she is a sweet cuddler and a very good hide-and-go-seek player in church. Her and Grayson satisfy all my baby needs for now. Plus I get two new babies! And I don't have to do any of the work.


Kjarom & Elizabeth said...

ahhh! When are they due?

PS- I've decided that we have to get prego at the same time. So we can go through that hell together.

Casey Peterson said...

Ok we can. But can you wait until I graduate from nursing school? Give me three years.